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What is Feminity?

All appliances in Toshiba's Feminity series of home network appliances can be connected to a home network and the Internet and operated by remote control - in the home and from outside. The product range covers such key appliances as lighting equipment, air-conditioners and refrigerators, the necessities of modern life, and also includes advanced services made possible by the network. Feminity takes today's lifestyle to a new level of comfort and convenience

What is Feminity? What is Feminity? What is Feminity?
What is Feminity? What is Feminity? What is Feminity?
Membership is required to access the services of the Feminity Club
Just what can Feminity do?
Switch home appliances on and off from outside your home via the Internet, and use a single switch to control multiple appliances at the same time. Automatically monitor appliances and report any problems to the store or the service center.
See "List of services"for all the details
What can be done by Feminitiy?
At your home PC...
Is the baby's room warm enough?
Are the doors and windows locked?
Is locking of doors and windows all right?
From outside, via your cell phone...
Did I lock the door properly?
Did I leave the under-floor heating on?
I'll be home soon.
Time to heat the bath...
Turn on the air-conditioner
From outside, via your cell phone...
While watching your digital TV...
How's the temperature in the child's room?
Is the bedroom locked?
While watching your digital TV...
How can I bring Feminity into my life?
Required equipment
  • The exclusive Feminity home gateway
  • A PC or a digital TV with Internet connection
  • Feminity appliances: refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine, lighting equipment, hot-water heater, under-floor heating, electronic lock, IH electric range.
    * Compatible air-conditioners display the FEMINITI markFEMINITI mark
    * Appliances can be added to the network one by one.
Installing Feminity
Step 1 Advance preparations
  • You require a PC or a digital TV that can connect to the Internet.
  • Purchase and install appliances in the Feminity series.
    (air-conditioner, lighting equipment, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, IH electric range, under-floor heating, water heater, electronic lock, etc.)
    * You can start with just one appliance and add other appliances later.
Step2 Make the connection
Step3 Online sign-up to Feminity Club
register your membership
Go online, access "Feminity Club," then register your membership and your network appliances.
Step4 Start to use the services
control your appliances with your cell phone. control your appliances with your PC or digital TV
You can now control your appliances with your PC or digital TV, or with your cell phone.
Feminity product specifications

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